20 Years of Building A Brand

With less than three weeks under my belt as part of the GreenEarth Team, I stepped foot onto the Clean Show floor for the first time bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. And man, I have to be honest, I was blown away. Let’s just say, that is not what your customer envisions when they hear the words “dry cleaning.” It is quite the spectacle, and what an exciting introduction into the industry!

Digital marketing is a world I understood, but I was eager to learn everything I could about dry cleaning to better serve our Affiliates as well as the GreenEarth Brand as a whole. Lucky for me, I was surrounded by the incredible team at GreenEarth to show me the ropes. Over the last four years and some months, I’ve learned invaluable lessons from not only our team here but also our Affiliates around the globe.

As I grew to understand the work and passion that has gone into building the brand that is GreenEarth Cleaning over the last 20 years and how much that brand means to our Affiliates and their customers, my own passion for the brand grew. I can recall discovering some misinformation on Wikipedia in my first couple of months and entering into a “wikiwar” with one of their content managers. My blood was boiling and I could feel the steam rolling out of my ears. That might be the moment when I realized this was a brand I really cared about and felt compelled to do my part in its continued growth.

Preventing toxic chemicals entering the environment, reducing landfill waste, and eliminating air pollution are goals GreenEarth Cleaning set out to achieve 20 years ago. Sharing the desire to minimize our carbon footprint has been the key ingredient in building our brand, not only in the garment care industry but also in the garment manufacturing industry, the commercial real estate industry, and especially in our efforts marketing to the dry cleaning customer—the end user.

We are seeing more and more care labels recommending GreenEarth, more and more landlords accepting GreenEarth as the only dry cleaning option on their properties, and more and more customers searching for cleaners near them using GreenEarth on our Store Locator. We’re accomplishing this recognition through social media, PR, digital ad campaigns, philanthropic efforts to support organizations like Bridging The Gap, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Water.Org, and most importantly, our Affiliate Network. Over 2,000 dry cleaners around the world using GreenEarth to effectively clean all types of garments and fabrics in a way that is safe for them, their employees, and their customers kind of says it all.

Long story short, my experience in marketing and digital advertising led me to GreenEarth, and I couldn’t have planned it better myself. I get to work with an amazing team of people, the best dry cleaners in the world, and do what I love to do. When the product speaks for itself, it makes the marketing guy’s job a lot easier!